Ongoing investigation for Greek Life organizations

Update: At time of writing, Oracle staff have been informed that both Kappa Sigma and ADPi have resumed normal operations and cleared of allegations.

Editor’s Note: This is a developing story of ongoing investigations that wer brought to the attention of Oracle staff about two Greek Life organizations.

            Fraternity Kappa Sigma is under investigation for a possible violation of Greek Life policy. Kappa Sigma’s operations have been ceased until the investigation has been concluded.

            “I’m investigating to see if there was a violation of Greek Life and that investigation could [see] if they did what they wanted, did what the ought to have a done or that there was a violation,” said Ed Boucher, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, said referring to the Kappa Sigma investigation.

            Sorority Alpha Delta Pi is also being looked into because of allegations of treatment to new members. The allegations have yet to be reported to ADPi National Offices due to the early stages of the investigation.

            “I’ve heard about it. I have not contacted their Nationals. That would be the next step if it warrants it. Because [I] still have to determine what did happen,” Boucher said.

            The story will be updated on where the investigation leads and the outcomes it brings.