Man with bat banned from campus

Campus police banned a man from returning to campus after they responded to suspicious activity Feb.  13 in the University Center.

Students reported seeing a man, later identified as Brandon Brandy, running through campus caring a baseball bat and hitting himself while grunting.

When police arrived to the University Center, they disarmed the individual, started questioning him and asked for identification.

Bandy said he was caring the bat as a weight while he worked out and was not harming himself with it. He became agitated and refused to show identification stating that his wife, who works for Chartwell’s Dining Serviced inside the cafeteria, could identify him.

“You’re going to see what six foot and 270 pounds can do,” Bandy said to the officers, while hitting himself in the head and chest with his hands.

Bandy approached his wife, the police officers said his actions were a cause for concern and he should leave the building. His wife told her husband and he left without further incident.

Police said if Brandy is seen on campus again, they plan to arrest him for trespassing.