Study abroad fair brings opportunity to students

Rayna Castner, a junior engineering student, showing off her pride from the year she studied buisness engineering in Schweinfurt, Germany.

Officials conducted a Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday in the Tech Pride Conference Room to get students involved in a variety of programs


Students can find a program that fits within their degree plan while choosing a place that inspires them to study, explore and meet new people.


Rayna Castner, a junior manufacturing engineering technology student, said she spent a year studying business engineering in Schweinfurt, Germany.


She said her experiences are the best thing about being able to study abroad.


“Traveling to over 14 different countries, also the learning experience and meeting new people.  I’ve got friends from all over the world now,” Castner said.


When students are not involved in classes, they are free to explore their host city.


“I enjoy cooking so definitely being able to experience all the different foods over in Europe was cool,’” she said.


Castner encouraged students to consider studying abroad.


“Don’t consider it, do it,” she said.


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