Day: February 1, 2022

News On campus

Flooding in Henderson Hall Forces Faculty to Relocate

Days before the spring semester at Tech, a rainstorm hit Cookeville and caused increased flooding. Henderson Hall began to see leakages. In the basement, multiple offices and classrooms were damaged. The flood is said to have been caused by a combination of a pipe burst and the heavy rainstorm. No […]

Tech President Phil Oldham poses for a picture outside on a sunny, summer day.
News On campus

Tech President Phil Oldham Dropped from Faculty Lawsuit

President Phil Oldham has been dismissed as a defendant – in his official capacity – from a lawsuit filed by university faculty members. Andrew Smith, an English instructor, and Dr. Julia Gruber, an associate professor of German, filed suit last fall after allegedly suffering “adverse action intended to chill their […]

Dr. Edward Driggers fills up his cup at a water fountain in Henderson Hall.
News On campus

Covid-19’s Impact Continues to be Felt by Students

Students on Tech’s campus are feeling the effects of Omicron, the newest variant of the coronavirus. There has been a large, sudden increase of positive cases since the beginning of the semester, according to Tech’s Covid-19 dashboard. The total number of active cases is 199, as of Jan. 31. In […]