New artist’s work on display

Students will notice a few new splashes of color on the walls of Joan Derryberry Art Gallery as the new exhibit by Jim Graham opens.

The pieces in the collection, “New Paintings for Exotic Tastes,” are “comparing things from two dissimilar categories, often focusing on the gap between the natural and the artificial,” said Graham.

Graham started on this collection while in Chicago and worked on it through his transition to New Orleans, La.

Heather Calfee, a senior painting major, says it’s important to know a little about the artist when looking at their art.

“Read their bio and try to understand what they’re trying to say,” said Calfee.

One of Graham’s pieces, “Pancake | Paddle,” takes a pancake and two pingpong tables to give an alternative view of a canoe trip before breakfast. The pancake is seen from above while the pingpong tables are seen much smaller in one corner of the painting.

Kimberly Winkle, gallery coordinator and member of the University Art Committee, doesn’t have a favorite Graham piece.

“They are all quite magnificent visual celebrations of color, shape and personal expression,” said Winkle.

Graham’s exhibit will be available in the Joan Derryberry Art Gallery until Oct. 23, when he will give a gallery talk at 4:30 p.m.

Graham is an instructor of painting and drawing at Southeastern Louisiana University and is currently represented at the Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans, La. To view more of Graham’s work, visit coleprattgallery.com and jimgrahamart.com.