New Homecoming election rules enacted

The Student Government Association has adopted a set of rules involving the election of Homecoming candidates. The new rules allow for students to actively campaign prior to election day. Active campaigning involves the distribution of campaign material (handouts and posters), advertisement in campus news and radio, and setting up booths and tables on campus to promote the candidate.

Active campaigning will begin after yesterday’s candidate meeting. Candidates may only post material on the ground floor of the RUC and in other campus buildings, provided University policies are followed.

“Instead of coming on the day of elections and trying to get as many people to vote as possible, we are wanting to see a creative style of campaigning,” said Roy West, SGA chief of staff and Homecoming chair. “We would like for the candidates to get to know the students better.”

Another rule added this year is a limit of campaign funds. Each campaign will be limited to $750 and must have a budget submitted to the SGA treasurer before any campaigning begins.

“If we did not have a budget, it would leave a disadvantage to small organizations that do not have a large income,” said West. “We really would like everyone to be on a level playing field.”

An additional rule will not allow candidates, nor their agents, to pass out electronic devices that enable students to vote on the day of the election. Bribes and coercion will also be banned.

“We really want the candidates to be the ones who are getting students to vote,” said West. “We want it to be an unbiased election; we do not want students to feel pressured because a person is offering them a reward for their vote.”

Homecoming election day will be Oct. 30, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For additional rules and information regarding Homecoming, visit the Tech SGA website.