Author: Callie Smith


Tech alumnus signs for the Rockies

Former Tennessee Tech, three time Collegiate Baseball All-American, Jason Hinchman, takes a swing at the minor leagues after recently signing with The Colorado Rockies rookie affiliate team. Hinchman originally signed in October to the Glacier Range Riders, a team associated with the independent baseball league called the Pioneer League. However, […]


20 Gift Ideas For The College Student in Your Life

The Christmas season is approaching us which means the fall semester is coming to an end for college students and they will be returning home soon for the holiday season. This means it is time to start thinking of what to get your college student for Christmas. College students are […]


Is Gratitude the Answer to Anxiety?

Anxiety is rising among individuals and is doing so rapidly in the lives of young people ages 18 to 25.  Even before COVID-19, anxiety in college-aged students nearly doubled across a 10-year period. The National Library of Medicine conducted an experiment evaluating anxiety across different age levels from 2008 to […]


Tips on Overcoming Seasonal Depression

As temperatures fall going into the winter season, seasonal depression – also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder – rises among young people. Seasonal depression can start as early as teenage years, however it most commonly begins among individuals in their early twenties. Once someone experiences seasonal depression, it frequently […]


Find Your Purpose With These 5 Easy Questions

The term “purpose anxiety” is a new and first-heard term to many people. However, it is on the rise, especially in young people.  Children are asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and they almost always have an answer full of big dreams, big […]