Day: October 10, 2017


Gubernatorial candidate visits Tech

Republican candidate Bill Lee Photo by Marcelo Gonzales A Republican gubernatorial candidate spoke about Tennessee needing more technical, vocational and agricultural schools during a meeting on Tuesday in the Roaden University Center. Bill Lee, 57, is a Williamson County businessman running for governor. He announced his candidacy in late April, […]


TTU sports wrap-up

Men’s Golf:” The men’s team has really put out some solid rounds over the last events,” said head coach Polk Brown. “ We need to work on yardages inside 130 yards as well as managing our rounds when we don’t have our best stuff. If we can do these two […]


Quarterback looks forward

Golden Eagles quarterback Andre Sale left an impression on his head coach after only five games. “I don’t want him (Sale) to get the big head right now,” Marcus Satterfield, head coach, said during a news conference following the Sept. 16 Ball State loss. “He’s got a ways to go, […]


Tech football struggles

ANDRE SALE- QB Andre Sale after handing the ball off during the first quarter of the Sept. 30 game against Jacksonville State Photo by J.K. McMillen Despite being 0-6 for the first time since 1991, Tech coach Marcus Satterfield believes in his process. “That’s the beauty of our process,” Satterfield […]


New ‘Blade Runner’ flutters

Moviegoers won’t connect with “Blade Runner 2049,” and that’s OK. The original “Blade Runner” had trouble finding an audience, too. “2049” is a long, methodical movie about existence and procreation. You probably wouldn’t have guessed such a thing judging from its marketing. The Philip K. Dick novel that both of […]


The fundamental attribution error of political discourse

To recall the amount of times that I have personally heard another citizen’s insight of the incompetence of our country’s leader due to nothing more than a personality flaw, or another nonsense reason that has no solid factual backing would be a waste of time. By the time I got […]


International student rates decline nationwide

With reports from Tech having stating the university has “approximately 10,500 students enrolled at Tech for the fall semester, including more than 1750 new Freshman,” according to a website posting from Sept. 15, there is still one enrollment number that is down. Tennessee Tech’s international student numbers are declining, at […]


President Oldham’s Flight Plan

Christy Killman President Phil Oldham’s Flight Plan is on the agenda for discussion at Tuesday’s faculty senate meeting according to senate president Christy Killman. “(Flight plan) is a very broad process that comes up with a general direction that we want the university to go or that we envision as […]